Meet Cindy

I’m a wife, a mother to three boys, and a business owner for the last 6 years.  JML (Jordan, Miles, Logan) started in our basement as a side hustle to my part time job.  Things changed in our family life as the kids got older, schedules got busier and I wanted to find a way to make a meaningful income and still be available for them. 

I’ve always had a creative side, some call that “crafty”  but I wanted to move away from crafts and build a business, something meaningful.  I knew I could do this, but where should I start?  I can recall a conversation with Jordan, our oldest who was 15 at the time.  I said to him “what do you think of this idea for a business?” And he didn’t even hesitate in his response. “Mom, people will stop spending money on unnecessary things, but they will never stop preserving memories.”  Every now and then, I gently remind myself of this conversation and it motivates me to stay focused. 

What We Do

I’ve always loved collecting ornaments, no matter where we traveled to I would buy an ornament as a memory.  When the kids were small I would try and get them personalized ornaments, Miles  was never found! So that seemed like the most logical place to start! Make ornaments from special photos, preserve family vacation memories, use the picture with their first home run ball, add text or graphics.  (The ideas are really endless) 

The next medium I began working with was photo slate, there was a large learning curve but the end result was more than worth it. This unique piece can be used for any occasion, although the one that it seems to be used for the most is in remembrance.  A low cost, high value piece that will be treasured forever. 
We create your product using photo and graphics and then we finish the process using heat.  The transfer will permanently become one with your finished product, creating a timeless treasure that will never lose quality.
Many things have come and gone in the JML product line, I’ve decided to stick to the foundation of my humble beginnings in the basement office.  By the way, I’ve moved out of the house! My office is in my ‘she shed’ and at the present moment, my only employee is my dog Parker.  

Behind the Scenes at JML

JML Gifts is a family owned and operated small business in the endless mountain region of Pennsylvania.  Everyone in our family plays a role at some point.  Jordan, is great with the computer and graphics so he’s my go to guy when I get stuck. Miles, has a critical eye and is not afraid to share his most honest opinion, he is our quality control.  Logan, he is a worker plain and simple! Whatever needs to be done, he will do.  Jeff, my husband of 23 years, he’s a lot like Logan, no matter what I ask of him it gets done! He has supported all of my crazy ideas, listens to me vent and guides me along the way.  Parker, our 5 year old Bernese Mountain Dog, well he is a good watch dog, but lives up to his name… he parks! 

Although this was ‘my’ idea, they all see the value in our products and feel the joy they bring to our customers.   When you shop at JML, you are not only supporting a family but you will have a gift in your  hand that you just can’t wait to give! 

JML Gifts